Covid Policy


To support our colleagues during these tough times we have taken few initiatives.

Vaccination Leave

Company to provide 1 day leave for employees getting vaccinated so everyone can recover from the after effects.

Covid-19 + Leave

14 days of leave for any team member who has been tested positive. This is extendable depending on the health of the employee.

Provision for Vaccination

For employees plus up to 5 additional members of family (as per details in medical depending on the health of insurance).

up to INR 1250 per vaccination


Company to take up the cost of this test for all employees.
(up to INR 750 per test)

Financial Assistance for Employees

Company to provide financial support for employees to meet medical expenses not covered in insurance.

Advance Salary

Salary to be paid in advance in
case financial support is needed

(Approval on case-to-case basis)

Extended Mediclaim Support

If the Mediclaim bill exceeds INR 5 lac then additional support will be provided by the organization.

Other Initiatives

Additional paid leaves for employees if required, Support in organizing Oxygen cylinders, hospital bed or transport urgency. Introduced Practo.

We are all together in this fight and as an organization we are always here for you for anything.