Group Milestones

Group Milestones

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Jan 1993

The Admiral launch

Admiral launched in Cardiff with just one brand, zero insured vehicles and 57 members of staff. The first Admiral insurance policy was sold over the telephone on 2nd January at 9.10 a.m

Aug 1993

First ever advert

Admiral launched in Cardiff with just one brand, zero insured vehicles and 57 members of staff. The first Admiral insurance policy was sold over the telephone on 2nd January at 9.10 a.m

Oct 1995

On the internet

Admiral's website went live, making it the first UK direct insurer with an internet presence.

June 1997

Diamond launched

Our Diamond brand was created especially for women motorists who traditionally have less expensive claims.

June 1997

Bell launched

Our Bell brand was originally aimed at those with zero no claims bonus.

Apr 1998

Gladiator launched in the UK

Gladiator launched as a commercial vehicle insurance intermediary, selling van insurance on behalf of some of the largest commercial vehicle insurers in the UK.

Aug 2000 launched

Admiral Group launched its fifth brand, It was the UK's first insurer to offer a complete online solution to car insurance.

Mar 2002 launched was launched, becoming the Group's sixth brand. was the UK's first insurance aggregator and still remains one of the leading price comparison sites in the UK.

Sep 2004

Admiral floated at £2.75

The Admiral Group floated on the London Stock Exchange with an initial share price of £2.75 and market capitalisation of £711 million. At the same time, Admiral Group became the highest valued public company in Wales.

Oct 2006 launched

Admiral Group’s first non-UK car insurance brand, launched in Seville, Spain.

May 2008 launched, our Italian direct insurance company, launched in Rome.

Mar 2009 launched, the Group's second price comparison website, launched in Madrid, Spain.

Oct 2019

Elephant Auto launched

Elephant Auto launched in Richmond, Virginia, selling car insurance in the US. It currently operates in Virginia, Maryland, Illinois and Texas.

Jan 2010 launched

Le, the Group's third price comparison website, launched in Paris, France.

Dec 2010

L'olivier – assurance auto launched

L'olivier – assurance auto, our direct insurance operation in France, was launched in Paris.

Jul 2012

Qualitas Auto launched

The Group’s second Spanish direct insurance brand, Qualitas Auto launched.

Mar 2013 launched

Our fourth price comparison site, launched in the USA, originally named

May 2015

Henry Engelhardt's announcement

Admiral Group’s CEO and founder Henry Engelhardt announced he would be stepping down from his role as CEO in one year’s time. He also announced co-founder and COO David Stevens will be his replacement.

Mar 2016

Surprise staff gift

Henry Engelhardt and wife Diane announced a surprise parting gift at our annual Staff General Meeting, revealing they would give £1,000 to all full time employees and £500 to all part time employees across the Group.

May 2016

A new CEO

David Stevens became the new CEO of Admiral Group.

Jan 2018

Admiral is 25!

Admiral celebrates its 25th birthday.

Oct 2018

World's Best Workplace!

We were named the 20th best workplace in the world in the annual 25 Great Place to Work’s World’s Best Workplaces list.

Feb 2019

No. 1!

We were named the Best Big Company to Work For in the UK at the Sunday Times Best Companies awards. We are also the only company who has made the Sunday Times List every year since it began in 2001, that's 19 years in a row!

Sep 2020

David’s Gift

CEO David Stevens announced his retirement and that he and his wife will be giving a personal gift of £1000 to all Admiral staff.

Apr 2021

A new CEO

Milena Mondini became the new CEO of Admiral Group.

Apr 2021

Penguin Portals and Preminen sold

Penguin Portals and Preminen comparison businesses sold to RVU.

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